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The Events Photographer is 50% of the Picture

I‘ve been told more than once by a subject that I’m a good events photographer. Which is gratifying. Except they hadn’t seen a photograph before they said that. What they responded to is my sociable and fun personality. Thus half the photograph is the photographer; in particular at a social event.

The formation of light on the subject has as much to do with resolution as optics

Light on the sample, how it’s focused and formed, how it travels, makes a tremendous difference in how an object is resolved. And not just spatial resolution, but tone, color and reproduction resolution. Jerry Sedgewick’s interest with that developed from being a scientific imaging expert, and as a result of having written two books on digital imaging and Photoshop.

The fun video below shows how changing the polarization of light according the proper orientations affects reflection of glare off faces:

Ever get pictures back from an event like a banquet only to find bald heads reflecting light from the flash, women with glare at the end of their noses? It’s embarrassing to present these. Use a photographer who is aware of how to eliminate that problem without the use of Photoshop, and who can reduce wrinkles in faces.

Contact Jerry. Jerry is a professional with over 30 years of experience in digital imaging. And not just a professional at outdoor showering (see below):


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picture of jerry sedgewick taking shower outside

Jerry’s Photography Services: 2D Artwork Photography

Jerry brings years of experience in commercial and scientific photography to digital imaging of artwork. He corrects a persistent problem with photographing artwork: the elimination of reflections and glare. Jerry is also a color expert, having once consulted with DataColor, an international color calibration company.

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Jerry Sedgewick’s artwork from a microscope view:

Check it out! (Yeah, you!)

Microscope view of a cyclops moth wing showing what appear to be black flames rising up.

See for scientific services and digital imaging instruction in the Life Sciences.