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The Photographer with Personality

picture of jerry sedgewick taking shower outside

Instead of hiring a deadpan 
photographer/videographer, hire a guy to bring fun to your event, such as low-key weddings, corporate functions and non-profit fundraisers.

…Or the Professional who stays behind the scenes

Full body shot Jerry Sedgewick

Jerry has worked for many major companies, such as 3M, Medtronic, St. Jude Medical, Target, General Mills, and numerous medical start ups. For any image issues that have been insurmountable, such as inspection images, images through microscopes, IR or UV images, images with specular reflections, etc., Jerry finds solutions.

No-Shine, No-Glare

Image showing before and after of skin that is shining and then not shining.

Ever get pictures only to find bald heads reflecting light from the flash, women with glare at the end of their noses? It’s embarrassing to present these. Jerry eliminates face shine and reduces wrinkles.

The Videographer with rapport and empathy´╗┐

See demo reel below and you’ll see people comfortable on camera. What you won’t hear are extremely personal revelations that may surprise you.

Author and Digital Imaging Expert specializing in Scientific and Medical imagery

Picture of three publications authored by Jerry Sedgewick

Contact Jerry now and benefit from his 30+ years of experience (and not just at professional outdoor showering):


Text me: (six five one) 788-2261.

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Jerry’s Photography Services: 2D Artwork Photography

Jerry brings years of experience in commercial and scientific photography to digital imaging of artwork. He corrects a persistent problem with photographing artwork: the elimination of reflections and glare. Jerry is also a color expert, having once consulted with DataColor, an international color calibration company.

Contact Jerry: jerry(at)prevailon(dot)com or use our contact form.

Jerry Sedgewick’s artwork from a microscope for the walls of your medical or science building, or your home:

Check it out!

Microscope view of a cyclops moth wing showing what appear to be black flames rising up.

See for scientific services and digital imaging instruction in the Life Sciences.