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You’ve Come to the Right Place

“The Prophet.” Photo by Jerry Sedgewick.

Or maybe not. The title sounds like something I should say. But, having said that, it’s the right place if you’re up for common sense looks at life and living. Sometimes passionate, sometimes humorous, always provoking.

It serves, as well, as the Jerry Sedgewick events photography and videography site, along with artwork that I’m peddling.

This site is always a work in progress with things added now and again. So come back or become a member and get something that isn’t political in your email. Or join the Prevail On Facebook site.

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You can be very much amused at the Oyster Jerry netcast once it’s up and running. Here you’ll find often humorous comments on Life and Living for those with common sense.

For media activities related to homelessness and for free events in Minneapolis and Saint Paul, go to

A graphic that reads: Modern Day Beatitudes, Blessed are They... Who go out-of-doors For they will be delighted by senses. Who can stop driving cars For relief from tension will be theirs. Who give up virtual entertainment For they will have their own mind. Who meet with others not liked For dissimilarity will enrich them. Who stop making laws for themselves For they will be freed. Who give to others For they have found purpose. Who cook with unprocessed food For those fed will live in health. Who do not borrow from the future For they are not enslaved to others.
Attributed to Jerry Sedgewick as a modern day take on Jesus’ Beatitudes.

You can find cool meme-like sayings on the Prevail On website. How about the 10 commandments of Hollywood?

The 10 commandments of Hollywood for provoking more loss of self-worth and self-esteem (note: body image, sense of unequal wealth, loss of innocence) than guilt once provoked with the original 10.

Ok. The above came with too much reading. Try this:

Picture reads "your proud possessions are beneath contempt"
What a pauper said to Alexander the Great back in Roman times

Or if you’re a biker, as in bicycle rider you might like this…

Graphic reads: Bike Riders Rule, No Gas.
No Gashole. Prevail On. By Jerry Sedgewick

You might like cartoons. These are cartoons with scientists in mind since I worked in this field for 30 or so years.

Cartoon by Jerry Sedgewick. A woman asks a scientist How do you get all your grants? He responds, I used to do research, now I use Photoshop
Lab Fungi cartoons, by Jerry Sedgewick

Here is another dedicated to halflings, only these are people cut in half, sort of like haploids which are DNA strands pulled in “half.” When DNA “fits” they come together like long lost friends.

Cartoon showing haploids at a bar with bartender saying "He doesn't have to be a perfect match."
Lab Fungi cartoons by Jerry Sedgewick

Maybe you like philosophy, cultural commentary, observations and the like. Here’s a cartoon addressing the word Tolerance.

Cartoon; philosophers discuss being tolerant.
Philosopher’s chair, a cartoon by Jerry Sedgewick

Don’t forget to “let yourself become living poetry,” as Rumi says in a poem. Or why not “split the sack of this culture and stick our heads out” (also Rumi).

Maybe we need deliverance from this world to see into the next through transcendent experience like those studied by the philosopher/psychologist William James. A deliverance from the ordinary of your life to immerse into the other-worldly. It changes your view of life in a single heartbeat.

I know, I’ve been there more than once, where you undergo something indescribable, so indescribable a regenerate lamented “How can I describe in poor and barren words sentiments which the heart alone understands?”

If nothing else let’s make gladness part of our expression of love. In our more glorious moments We live in a Garden of Eden without even knowing it. Of course, this is amidst tragedy, hurt, and difficulties.

But the sun is born daily even though you might sing in your chains like the sea (Dylan Thomas)!

Prevail on!