Memes. T-Shirts. These are not always funny. But they’re always challenging.

Picture of dog and words that say Free Food, Free Shelter, Free Medical Care, Free Day Care, and Free Education. Pet Owners are Socialists.

Pet Owners are Socialists.

Maybe it’s time to re-think what this word means. And think of ways we are complicit as fellow socialists.

Socialism isn’t a bad word. Sometimes it’s the way to go to satisfy the greatest good for the greatest number of people. After all, Jesus was a socialist wasn’t he?

Graphic showing tombstones that read: The 10 Commandments of Hollywood: 1. Thou Shalt Admire Celebrites; 2. Thou Shalt Admire Luxury and Wealth; 3. Thou Shalt ignore the effect of film content on youth. 4. Thou Shalt fall in love and party with friends. 5. Thou Shalt be the rebel. 6. Thou Shalt use violence and kill. 7. Thou Shalt refer to private parts and use them. 8. Thou Shalt be thin women and tough men. 9. Thou Shalt be hip and cool. 10. Thou Shalt see more movies. Defend Hollywood, where diversity in hiring stinks.

The 10 Commandments of Hollywood.

And you thought the 10 Commandments from the Bible were hard.

These are near impossible to follow… except for the 10th which says you should see more.

Modern Day Beatitudes

Here are today’s Beatitudes written by a guy (me) who can only dream of what Jesus would say were he alive today.

It probably has to do with too many screens, too much driving; and, of course, lack of mercy toward the less fortunate.

Comfort is a Progressive Disease.

Think about it: we’re wired as humans to conserve energy. After a long day at work, who wouldn’t? But the pursuit of comfort along the way, whether by self-medication (i.e. drinking, drug use) or living like you can control your environment, becomes a disease.

T-shirt reads "Your proud possessions are beneath contempt"

Your proud possessions are beneath contempt.

Said by a man to Alexander the Great. This man gave up his possessions. Apparently he said this while naked in a bathtub. Why my man Alex was yammering with him is the stuff of lore, but I wish we thought of possessions a contemptuous more often.

Graphic reads: Bike Riders Rule, No Gas.

This should annoy millions. No Gashole.

Make a sticker from this. Put it on your bike or electric car. If you can afford an electric car.

Everyone needs to know when people aren’t gasholes. They are, after all, the ones who can take action against climate change.

T Shirt reads: Nightly news is about Power and power trumps love

Nightly news is about POWER and power trumps LOVE.

Is it any wonder we are moving in lock step toward hatred of those who aren’t like us?

We think in terms of power. Who has it, who doesn’t?who is the victim? The powerless? Isn’t life about love?

Text reads" God's will and then the following: Take care, then, how you hear Bear fruit through perseverance You cannot serve God and Money Be a light to others by your good deeds Watch for the second coming or just watch Proclaim the Kingdom of God (Love’s Domain) Trust to God the basics: Food, Clothing, & Shelter Cast off your nets when you hear the call of Jesus Enter through the narrow gate: be unlike the crowd Return home and recount what God has done for you Order your life so that the treasures you store are in heaven Love (be charitable toward) your neighbor as (toward) yourself Love the Lord your God with all your heart, being, strength, mind Root behaviors and actions by the guidance of the 10 commandments Because we have been given a little of the Spirit, more is required of us Order your life so that your loyalties are to Love’s Domain (the kingdom) My mother and my brothers are those who hear the word of God and act on it Repent (Consider what your life is about) and be saved (Let Jesus hang with you) Have the faith of a mustard seed when praying for God’s intervention in our lives Beware of those who lay down the law but do not practice mercy and compassion Treat others with mercy (immigrants, prisoners, the lonely, elderly, homeless)
God’s Will. Love it or leave it. And it isn’t necessarily about your job. It is, however, about how you use your time. Pottery by Richard Gruchalla and Carrin Rosetti.

T-shirt that reads "It's easier for a lover to pull you down than for you to pull them up

It’s easier for a lover to pull you DOWN than it is for you to pull them UP.

Tell that to the person in love who thinks they can “help” their partner. Especially when drugs are involved, you’ll be fighting this battle for a loooooong time.

You can’t make the unhappy happy and as a woman you aren’t here to better your man.

Graphic reads: The 5 D's of Satan: Deceive, Degrade, Destroy, Deny, Distract.

The 5 D’s of Satan: Deceive, Degrade, Destroy, Deny, Distract.

Always done through a mouth hole. And don’t presume it’s the mouth hole of any ruler.

Just happens to be Caucasian. And male. But could be anyone.