Coronavirus Human Repellent T-Shirt

Cartoon that reads "I touch coronavirus"
Cartoon by Jerry and Torey Sedgewick

When you really need to be left alone you can wear a coronavirus human repellent t-shirt. This one speaks to touching the coronavirus. It doesn’t say that you continuously touch the coronavirus with gloves on (or off), nor does it suggest that, over time, maybe we’ll all touch the virus on some sort of surface and this t-shirt underscores that thought. 

It doesn’t say that those people who look homeless might get the same response from other humans who pass by. The passer-bys may not cover their nose or run, but inside their heads that’s what passer-bys do. It’s like, “just let me walk by without you asking me for a dollar. Or spare change. Let me steadfastly avoid your eyes and determinedly walk by.”

Homeless people often feel like they are rejected by others, like they are the coronavirus. Sad. Because all of us need human interaction. A smile. A nod. Some acknowledgement that we exist. Maybe even a warm and kindly “Hello…” 

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The Ultimate Reason Coronavirus Goes Viral in the News

Image of locusts with alien faces.
Photo Illustration by Jerry Sedgewick

With all the diseases, natural tragedies, homicides, wars and malnutrition in the world why does a coronavirus (COVID-19) get famous?

Statistically you’re more likely to die from driving a car than from infection by the coronavirus. And yet we don’t think twice about getting into a car to drive. You have the likelihood, over one year, of a 1 in 8000 chance of fatality in a car crash (Insurance Information Institute ), and what could the odds of contracting the coronavirus be compared to that? 1 in a million, if not in the hundreds of millions when considering the population of the United States at 329 million and a flu which may, at best, kill 10,000. And more likely in the hundreds…

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The Five D’s to Dominate: Deny, Distract, Degrade, Destroy, Deceive

Image showing the 5 D's of Domination: Deny, Distract, Degrade, Destroy, Deny

Ever have something in your heart you want to do and seem never to get it done because of the 5 D’s? For me it has been many things, at times writing a novel, at others finishing a film, and at others making progress on acts of mercy toward those who are less fortunate.

And I’ve wondered long and hard about what prevents me from getting the more fulfilling activities done? In every instance in which I had a fire in me, the flame went out because of the 5 D’s, the worst of which is distraction.

How easy in our modern times to find distraction. Just pull out the cell phone and a multitude of visuals entrap your attention. That alone can prevent me from achieving goals.

But denial works, too. It’s easy to ask myself the question “Why?” Why do this or that? Is it really that important or am I trying to puff myself up in front of others?

I can deny what is for my greater good because why intervened.

And then there’s degrade. I can easily see that other people are better than me. I’m not as good or as worthy, so why put out the effort?

I can deny what could be for someone else’s greater good because I’ve degraded myself.

And through this process of making sure I don’t pursue a longing that I have, I destroy what could have been a valuable offering to myself and to those around me. Or I could simply rip up what I wrote, or painted, or metaphorically what I would have pursued if this or that didn’t get in the way.

But now I have to justify the fact that I didn’t pursue the longing in my heart and so I deceive myself by changing my world view. Maybe I need to give up passions because those are for people who are driven. Better to be mellow, to live and let live. Work, instead, on breathing.

What becomes clear when we really sit down and examine why we abandoned passions—in instances when the passions could have been accomplished—we can see that we’ve lied to ourselves. We were under the power of distract, degrade, destroy, deny, deceive; all part and parcel of a big lie.


And here is where those who go through life as people who dominate, here is where they can use the same 5 D’s to control others. They can trip up otherwise well-meaning and purposeful humans with their singular voice. And when they have authority, they can use the 5 D’s to manipulate and find otherwise well-meaning and purposeful humans to be avid followers.

It doesn’t matter whether they’ve been diagnosed with narcissistic personality disorder or whether they’ve been labeled psychopaths.

All it takes is a clear-cut world view of bad guys and good guys (deceive), a denial of any sordid activity they were a part of (deny), bad-mouthing and making sarcastic remarks about those people they consider lower than themselves (degrade), a consistent and convincing appearance when telling lies (distract), and a consistent ability to leave a wake of relationships that have been damaged (destroy). All of which makes of them a lie.

While many may look to our current president for these attributes­—and many others who see these traits as necessary for accomplishing a greater good—it isn’t just presidents, dictators and others in politics. It can be a neighbor, a spouse, a teacher; really anyone who wants power over you.

I endure these people by thinking of them as grown up teenagers; as people who desperately want a playground they can dominate with their gang of bullies. They never grew up.

And isn’t that sad? Sad that they hadn’t discovered the way to be in relationship, to have a heart that wishes to know how others are doing? Who have a listening ear, a desire to wonder about you?

How isolated they must be without even knowing it. How shelled their hearts must be in stone without even knowing it. How confined their view of the varieties of living when maybe all they know is anger, lust, greed and domination?

In a sense you can say they are lost in this world, as much as we are when we give into the self-made lies. When we limit ourselves because of distract, deny, degrade, deceive, and destroy.

In a sense these 5 D’s are the demons that take power in us and in others. Let’s become more aware of them so that we can see others clearly, and enter into a more charitable life where we are charitable to ourselves and others.

“There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won’t feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine, as children do. We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us.” -Marianne Williamson  

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Looks Like Stained Glass But It Isn’t

Fine arts photo by Jerry Sedgewick of maple seed pod. Image appears to be stained glass.


Microscope view of whirlygig or whirlybird Maple seed pod through thinnest portion showing what appears to be stained glass with reds and greens.
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The image above looks like stained glass but it’s a whirlybird or whirlygig from a Maple tree (below). The papery part of the seed pod was backlit and then a picture was taken through a microscope using a Sigma camera with a Foveon chip for its superior interpretation of color, doncha know.

You can  look at other cool microscope vision artwork from a guy soon to be famous. Somewhere. Not only is Jerry a color expert, but a guy who writes what you might consider funny in the text that follows:

WHIRLYBIRDS, by Jerry Sedgewick

Whirlybirds aren’t birds but they whirl. So many whirl it’s like ballet dancers performing at a Philip Glass concert gig. Which is why they’re sometimes called whirlygigs.

Those who want their lawns as clean as carpeting in the house don’t like the innocent whirlybirds. Some take leaf blowers to the whirlybirds at six in the morning or, like a former neighbor, remove their shirt and blow these off the roof.

That neighbor was mildly buff and showed off his torso while leaf blowing on the roof which is something that would never occur to me. Does he invent stories in his head? Like some hot woman will walk by and scream at the top of her lungs to get his attention to say, Can I come into your house? I’m so turned on. Not just by you but the hefty leaf blower.

It was hard to tell by his look what his intent was. He didn’t have a look that suggested intense concentration, focusing on each whirlygig to blow it in a boomerang circle because it would rise in the rush of air and then helicopter its way down most often further up the roof over his unsuspecting head. If he was concentrating he’d see the rebel whirlybirds. He’d get smarter if he concentrated and aim the blower right at just one whirlybird to blast it over the edge of the roof while the whirlybird itself careens helter skelter and then, as though the air was a substance like water, suddenly screeches to a halt mid-air and gently helicopters down to the lawn.

But he didn’t have the look of concentration. It alternated between a smirk to himself and the appearance of a solid homeowner guy doing what needs to be done. That smirk was like he knew others watched behind curtains and he snickered to himself about having gotten our attention. Like a kind of victory over people who didn’t have anything better to do.

Of course he couldn’t have known we were thinking: How does his wife put up with it? Because she must have felt some twinge of humiliation over her shirtless man doing something so out of context she must have withered in shame. And, sure enough, it was validated some years later with a divorce.

Never underestimate the power of a whirlygig.



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