Box Elder Bug Now Available as a Framed Fine Arts Print




Who da thunk this about a Box Elder Bug? Something this abstract on the back of an insect in a fine arts print from a microscope view? You’ll see more in this colorful artwork as time goes on. A real conversation starter. Like you can say, Do you know what this is? A box elder bug! That stripe is the orange you see on its shell; and the little holes are spiracles for gas exchange. You’ll get a nerd award.

Box Elder Bug is available because you want a professionally framed fine arts print at 8X10 (matted in an 11X14 inch frame), 11X14 (matted in a 16X20 inch frame) or 16X20 inches (matted in a 23X26 inch frame) for a stunning appearance on your home, office or gallery wall. Box Elder Bug is printed on museum quality, archival paper from a high resolution digital image signed by the artist, Jerry Sedgewick.

Museums, galleries, collectors and individuals:

For larger and custom sizes please contact Jerry Sedgewick using my contact form; or jerry(at)prevailon(dot)com.

100% Money Back Guarantee if not satisfied.


This Art Mistère (mystery) by Jerry Sedgewick is of a box elder bug with top lighting. The image was taken with a Foveon chip camera on a microscope with a 4x objective using 20+ optical planes to generate a single image.

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11X14 inches, 16X20 inches, 8X10 inches


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