Flower Receptacle Unframed Fine Arts Museum Quality Print




Is the flower receptacle foam peanuts or what? You might think it’s foam peanuts in this microscope view fine arts print. Not a likely thing to discover when picking up a dried flower and examining the area from which the flowers sprung. What a curious topography, something you feel like jumping into and bouncing on. Rolling down the cottony sides like a child on a grassy slope. If only we could miniaturize ourselves to do that. If only.

Flower Receptacle is available because you want an unframed fine arts print at 8X10, 11X14 or 16X20 inches for a stunning appearance on your home, office or gallery wall. Flower Receptacle is printed on museum quality, archival paper from a high resolution digital image signed by the artist, Jerry Sedgewick.

Museums, galleries, collectors and individuals:

For larger and custom sizes please contact Jerry Sedgewick using my contact form; or jerry(at)prevailon(dot)com.

100% Money Back Guarantee if not satisfied.


This Art Mistère (mystery) by Jerry Sedgewick is of a receptacle of a mum flower (the receptacle is the base from which flowers emerge) with top lighting. Receptacle was dried. The image was taken with a Foveon chip camera on a microscope with a 10x objective using 20+ optical planes to generate a single image.

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11X14 inches, 16X20 inches, 8X10 inches


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